Owning a Firearm is not only a matter of right or privilege,  its a responsibility. Let us help you build your foundation towards becoming a safe and responsible firearm owner.. Allow us to refresh your knowledge, develop your skills and attitude thru basic and advanced interactive learning and hands-on training... whether your purpose is for sport or self-defense, our professional instructors will help you achieve your goals...

Please do not DIY! 

The highest integrity

      We hold ourselves to a standard that is at par with the best in the industry. We guarantee that all our NRA Courses are in accordance with the NRA Course Lesson Plans and we provide complete and authentic NRA Course Materials delivered by Certified NRA Instructors.

     Non-NRA courses are equally anchored on highest standard and professionalism. 

     It is heartbreaking to hear news about people, especially kids, getting hurt or pay ultimate price due to unsafe or irresponsible use of a firearm. Firearm is no different from any other tool that is neither safe or unsafe depending on the hands who wields it. People acquire knowledge and develop skills, but most often, lacks the correct attitude towards safe use and handling of firearms. On the other hand, equally disheartening are news about people unable to defend themselves against criminal elements due to either lack of or insufficient knowledge and skills to efficiently protect themselves. 

     Let us all remember that our own safety and security is our personal responsibility.

     Come in anytime and talk to us! We love to discuss what firearm training you plan to take and goals towards firearms training--whether they're for personal protection or recreation. We are ready to help.


Armed Awareness Academy


About Us

It's always about YOU!!

Our Mission

     Operating a firearm is a serious business. So, PLEASE!! Do yourself a favor and the people around you!!! Learn the proper way and seek a professional firearm instructor to help you with the knowledge, skills and correct attitude towards safe firearm operation.


Be Aware... Be Safe... Be Responsible....

     Simply put, our mission is devoted to YOU--taking into account your specific situation and needs to be able to help YOU with the corresponding training towards achieving your goals.