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Be Aware... Be Safe... Be Responsible....


          Owning a Firearm is not only a matter of right or privilege,  its a responsibility. Let us help you build your foundation towards becoming a safe and responsible firearm owner.. Allow us to refresh your knowledge, develop your skills and attitude thru basic and advanced interactive learning and hands-on training... whether your purpose is for sport or self-defense, our professional instructors will help you achieve your goals...

*** NRA Pistol Instructor Package  on April 19-21,2019. $500.00 range fee included.

Package includes: Basic Pistol Shooting Course(Full Course) range fee included.($150.00)

                             BIT (Basic Instructor Training) ($100.00)

                             Basic Pistol Instructor ($250.00)

       LTCH (Texas License To Carry Handgun Class)  begins at 10:00 am ($80.00)        

4 hours to 6 hours of classroom instruction and live fire qualification course of fire.

Things to bring:  

1.) Your Firearm(handgun or revolver) and minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition for your firearm.

2.) Eyes and ears protection.

3.) Ball cap to prevent empty casings from getting in between your eyes and eye glasses.

4.) Wear comfortable clothing, it is recommended to wear closed neck shirt to prevent empty casing from getting in your cloths or chest area.

​To reserve a seat,call or text 832-484-0130 for particulars or send email at armedawarenessacademy@gmail.com

The venue for this class is CLEAR CREEK GUN RANGE,2381 Gun Range Road, League City, TX 77573